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Calibration & Inspection Services

CMT's Calibration and Inspection Services are an ongoing strategy to meet the rapidly evolving needs of precision manufacturers. With our metrology division, we provide experienced application engineers to help you get the job done to ensure you can concentrate on your most important activities.

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You know how important it is to ensure that your inspection equipment is maintained to peak performance. To achieve this you need to be supported by a knowledgeable service team that can offer you guaranteed quality with a fast turnaround at a competitive price.

  Inspection Services  
    • Part Programming
    • Part Inspection
    • Calibration Services of Vision Systems & Optical Comparators
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Go/NoGo Part Sorting
    • Part to CAD Comparison (error maps)
    • GR&R & Capability Studies
    • Fixture Design Assistance
    • Training Classes (CMT or on-site)

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Calibration Services

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