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Metal Stamping Equipment

Metal Stamping Equipment
Whatever your stamping needs, we can get it!

The Metal Stamping Equipment Division consists of dedicated industry professionals committed to a common goal of providing our customers with the very best results and return-on-investment when they select stamping equipment from Concept Machine Tool. Our product offerings range from large stamping presses, material handling, to punches and die springs.

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Sutherland Presses  Sutherland KC Presses  Machine Concepts, Cut To Length  Dynamic Feeds, Coil Handling, Material Feeding  Macrodyne, Hydraulic Presses  Wayne Trail, Press Transfer
Beckwood, Hydraulic Press, Sheet Hydroforming, Stamping Presses  Dayton, Punches, Matrixes, Die Springs, Die Retainers, Metal Stamping Tooling  Hyd-Mech Material Handling  Jergens, Jig and Fixture Components  Rapid Air, Air Feeds, Servo Feeds, Straightners, Stock Reels, Cut-to-lenth  Serapid, Die Carts and Rails, Die Transfer, Roller Bars

Stamping Presses


Hydraulic Presses

  • Sutherland Presses - Servo Hydraulic
  • Beckwood - Hydraulic and Automation Systems
  • Macrodyne - Double Triple Acting Hydraulic Presses for Hydroforming, Compression Molding, Forging, Coining Stamping, Mold, Cold Forming & Die Spotting

Cut-to-Length / Slitting


Coil Handling Equipment


Material Handling Equipment

  • Green Valley - Mold and Die Handling Equipment
  • Hyd-Mech - Parts Conveyors, Material Handling Systems, Work Stops
  • Industrial Innovations - Lubrication Systems for Dies
  • PAX - Lubrication Systems, Hylatechnik and Shick Dampers for Snap-Through
  • Serapid - Transport, Transfer and Clamping Systems
  • Sytech - Die Transfer, Positioning and Transport Solutions
  • Technomagnete - Magnetic Clamping

Press Transfers

  • Wayne Trail - Through the Window / Front and Back Transfers

Levelers, Flatners, Straightners


Fluids and Cleaners


Lubrication Equipment

  • Industrial Innovations - Metal Working Lubricant Proportional/Mixers and Spray Application Lubricating Systems (Proportional Mixing, Spray Application, Re-Claim

Related Equipment

  • Acon - Press Enclosures
  • Dayton Progress - Punches, Matrixes, Die Springs, Die Retainers, Metal Stamping Tooling
  • Hilma - Quick Change Systems for Die, Mold and Forging
  • Hylatechnik - Shock Dampers for Snap-Through
  • Industrial Innovations - SPRA-Rite Industrial Lubrication Equipment
  • Jergens - Jig and Fixture Components
  • Kosmek - Hydraulic Clamping Systems for Jigs & Fixtures, Die Change and Mold Change
  • Lexco - Die Set Handling
  • MDL - Mold and Die Components
  • Moeller - Punches, Buttons, Die Springs, Nitrogen Cylinders
  • Oberg Industries - Dies, Automated Assembly Systems, Container Tooling
  • Raymond Die Springs - Die Springs, Die Components, Gas Springs and Accessories
  • Ready Technology - Die Sets, Ball Bearing Pins & Bushings, Die Grease, Spring Cages, Fasteners
  • Vibro Dynamics - Isolator / Levelling Mounts
Product distribution may vary by location.

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