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Metrology Measuring & Inspection Equipment

Measuring Equipment
Whatever your measuring needs, we can help!

Concept Machine Tool's Metrology Division provides measuring equipment and inspection equipment along with service, applications, and precision tools. Our wide range of quality product offerings including Carl Zeiss, Micro-Vu, Beta LaserMike, Focus Precision and Oasis provide a solution for most inspection applications.

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Zeiss, CMM's, Calypso Software  Micro Vu, Measuring Systems  Chatillon, Lloyd, Force Gages, Material Testing Chatillon Gages Lloyd Instruments  Deltronic, Optical Comparators, Video Measuring Systems  Beta LaserMike, Non Contact Measurement   Rofin, Laser Markers
Mitutoyo  Mahr, Geometry and Form, Length, Surface Finish and Contour Instruments  Oasis, Digital Video Measuring  ProLink, SPC Software    ViciVision Optical Measurement

Coordinate Measuring Machines, CMM

  • ZEISS - Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Faro - Portable Measuring Arms & Laser Trackers



Optical Measurement


Surface Roundness & Form

  • ZEISS - Surface, Roundess and Form Products
  • Precision Devices - Surface, Roundness and Form Products
  • Mitutoyo - Form Measuring - Surface Roughness Instruments
  • Mahr Federal - Geometry and Form, Length, Surface Finish & Contour Instruments

Laser Measurement


Computed Tomography




CMM Probing, Tooling & Accessories




Force Gages/Material Testing Solutions


SPC & Gage Management Software


Laser Markers/Cutting/Welding

  • Rofin - Laser Marking Machines and Accessories

Deburring & Finishing

  • Techniks - Micro Deburring and Supplies

Parts Cleaning


Related Products

  • Lista - Cabinets and Workbenches
  • Mectron - High Speed Part Sorting and Packaging Systems
Product distribution may vary by location.  

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