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EDM Consumables

Whatever your consumables needs, we can help!

CMT is one of the largest Mitsubishi (CPG) EDM Supplies distributor's in the midwest. We carry a large inventory of EDM wire at our two facilities and can ship most orders the day they are received.

We distribute a complete line of premium OEM compatible wear parts for all major manufacturers. We are your wear parts specialist, if you cannot locate the part you need, or do not have the part number, contact one of our well trained associates to assist you today or use the form below to request a quote from our EDM consumables sales staff.

Mitsubishi - Fanuc - Sodick - Charmilles - Hitachi - And More

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EDM Wire

EDM Wire

The CPG EDM products are manufactured to high standards of cleanliness, straightness, consistent diameter, high-tensile strength and a range of diameters and spool sizes.
Flush Cups

EDM Nozzles & Flush Cups

EDM flush cups are designed to maintain peak performance of machines. Downtime is reduced because the flush cups match OEM specifications exactly. Our ceramic flush cups control the water pressure through the nozzle in lower and upper heads.
EDM Filters

EDM Filters

EDM filters have an extended life design, custom-made for individual machines. The filters have "dual-cage" media reinforcement systems, which prevent the media from collapsing.

EDM Carbides

EDM carbides have an extended life design, custom-made for individual machines. Our carbides are made specifically for our products and provide superior durability and consistent performance.
Diamond Guides for Wire EDM

Diamond Guides

Diamond guides are guaranteed OEM quality.  Designed to maintain peak performance, reduce machine downtime and provide maximum accuracy.


Resin programs are tailored to your regeneration needs, tanks for all major OEM machines with optional quality light.  Our resins use a 60/40 anion/cation blend to give you a longer resin life.
Electrode Tubes

Electrode Tubes

Offering Single and Multi Channel Electrode Tubes - Brass and Copper Tubes


  • Full LIne of Toyo Tanso and POCO Graphite
  • Saw Cut or Precision Ground Blanks
  • Ready to Run Graphite Blanks (pre-mounted on System 3R coins)
  • Graphite Tapping Electrodes


  • Environment

EDM Supplies Product Listing

  • Cleaners and Rust Inhibitors
  • Diamond Guides
  • Dielectric Fluids
  • Drill Electrodes, Guides and Additives
  • ESPRIT CAM Software
  • Filters & Filtration Systems for Wire, Sinker, and Small Hole
  • Flush Cups (ceramic & composite)
  • Graphite plates and precision ground blanks from POCO & Toyo Tanso
  • Power Feed Carbides
  • Power Feed Upgrade Kit for Mitsubishi AF1 Machines
  • Power Surge Protection Systems
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Resin systems for machines and incoming water
  • Rotary Tables and Indexers (manual & CNC)
  • Stainless Steel Toe Clamps & Bolts
  • Tank Lighting Kits
  • Tooling & Work holding
    • Erowa
    • Gaiser
    • Herman Schmidt
    • Hirschmann
    • System 3R
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Vibration Isolation Systems
  • Wire
    • Brass
      • BercoCut
      • CPG Cut
      • OKI
      • Van-TG EC Plus Economy
      • Van-TG Non-Paraffin Premium
    • Specialty
      • Bedra / Gisco Premium Specialty Wires
        • BroncoCut
        • CobraCut
        • MegaCut
        • MicroCut
        • TOPAS
        • CPG Xpress Zinc Coated
  • WEDM Processor with Indexable Blades for Mitsubishi

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