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Whatever your automation needs, we can help!

CMT offers automation equipment that helps your bottom line. By eliminating unnecessary processes, combining operations and streamlining workflow, our customers can reduce direct labor and material costs,improve delivery times, enhance production output per square foot, and even increase production through unattended or lights out operations! 

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Hyd-Mech Conveyors, Loaders  Erowa Robots & Software  Robitics Automation  LNS Barfeeds  Turnkey Automation  Fastems
Wayne Trail Press Automation  Dura Glider Material Handling  Serapid Quick Die Change, Die Handling  System 3R Work Piece, Electrode Changers  Hydraulic Presses Automation  Iemca Barfeeds

Process Integration


Material Handling Solutions






Quick Die Change Press Automation

  • Duraglider - In Die Part Conveyors
  • Serapid - Die Lifters and Clamps, Die Handling and Transport, Die Carts and Push/Pull Systems
  • Macrodyne - Die Change, Die Loading & Unloading, Die Openers & Rolling Bolsters
  • Wayne Trail Technologies - Press Automation Systems
Product distribution may vary by location.  

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