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La Machine Shop
Brenk Brothers
Mendell Machine & Manufacturing
ProMed Molded Products Inc.


"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you what an excellent job Calvin did at the Spirit Lake Facility. His efforts were appreciated and I enjoyed the little time I had to work with him setting up the magnetic bases with the control. He worked really well with the team here." - Tim

Waterous Company  

"Facilitation by Concept Machine created success beyond our initial vision. I know it's cliche but implementation was a team effort" - Steve
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Parker Hannifin - Quick Coupling Division  

"What used to take over half a day, now takes no more than fifteen minutes for changeover. With the variety of demand for couplers sizes we needed to improve effecifiency to meet our customer's backlog of orders." - Steve
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Lakes Area Mfg

The machine completed the warm up cycle with no hiccups that I can tell.

A thank you is an understatement for how much I and everyone else at the shop appreciate the dedication and support your service team provides us to keep our machines running and producing parts.  Since coming on full time at the shop eight years ago I have learned over these past few years that does not matter how expensive of machine tool or what brand; without a service team as dedicated as yours they have no value.  The support that the Concept service department provides us has become my number one deciding factor in new machine tool investments.

Everyone here at Lakes Area Mfg. is extremely grateful for the work you have done and continue to do to keep us up and running. - Tim


Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate Jason’s help, he has jumped through a lot of hoops for us and has solved a lot of problems.  His actions as well as yours and John’s are key to my decision to grow with Concept.  My philosophy is, “Success occurs when you surround yourself with good people”.  In our businesses, service is everything.
Thanks Craig. - Bob

Precision Assoc

I felt compelled to write you this note acknowledging how impressed our staff is with Tim Hoss. He came over yesterday and cleared up what we needed. The board that had been ordered would’t work for the purpose intended. We appreciate  everything that Tim and your staff has done. Patrick

Pheonix Machine

Congratulations on having such great people on your staff.

Jim got off the plane, changed his shoes and was working on setting up machines in less than 20 minutes. He worked diligently and was very meticulous about everything. I noticed in the cabinet some wires hanging loose. Later, when Jim was walking me through some maintenance procedures on the machine, I saw that he had already bundled them. Jim was always professional and courteous to everyone.

As you know John and I have a good history. Well, he still shines in my book. I know you have a hard time losing John for a week, but it’s sure helpful to have him here. He was incredibly patient with the new guys and they were both very excited about how much they learned.

Both of these gentlemen represent  your organization well and are always welcome here. I will continue to recommend Concept Machine to anyone in the industry. - Glenn

La Machine Shop

Rich was here and ready to install when the part arrived. We are up and running again! Great Service! - Jerry

Screw Machine Engineering

I wanted to thank you for the quick response and praise Dan for outstanding service. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the fix was relatively minor. Dan diagnosed the issue right away and took the time to explain what was needed to make the repairs. He showed us a temporary fix so we could run the machine while we wait for parts. He also went above and beyond and showed us a few preventative maintenance tips. Overall, our experience with your company was outstanding. We will contact you again the next time we need service and will direct anyone else that we know to you. Thanks. - Rod


I am writing to tell you that the recent service visit performed on 12/18 & 12/19, for our CNC mill & lathe, was an enjoyable experience that not only met but exceeded our expectations.  We had some issues with both machines and a complete preventative maintenance for both was long overdue.  Particularly, I would like to emphasize my gratitude and respect towards your Service Engineer, Dan - Alex

Brenk Brothers

When Concept comes to us with new technology, we have an immediate interest. It takes a company like Concept to stay on that cutting edge of manufacturing technology,” Brenk states. “There are reasons you learn to trust the judgments of certain people and certain companies. Concept is a good example of that.” - Jeff

Mendell Machine & Manufacturing
Your support has truly made the difference on our shop floor. All of our machinists have remarked how courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable your people are. Not only do they help us get up and going but also share valuable knowledge to prevent future problems from happening as well. - Bryan
ProMed Molded Products Inc.

In accordance with ISO 13488:1996 and ISO 9002: 1994 standards, our records indicate that the quality of your service and receipt of your parts/materials during the reporting period was 100%. - Debra

Custom Mold & Design

"All of our Mitsubishi equipment performs well. Their training and technical help is very good, and Mitsubishi service," which Jones admits they have used frequently, "has been great." We are able to get the whole package with Mitsubishi and our local dealer, Concept Machine Tool." - Lester

Pentair, Inc.

Joe, thank you for getting to us in a timely manner. I understand how busy you are but I wanted to take time to tell you what a pleasant experience it was to work with Victor on this project. Our tech also remarked how professional and pleasant it was to work with him. I look forward to building a working relationship with you in regards to our machine need. - Thanks Again, Wally

Alexandria Research Technologies

We recently purchased a used Mitsubishi Wire EDM through Concept Machine Tool. With the guidance of Concept Machine Sales Engineer Joe Wellcome, the purchase, delivery, installation, and training was seamless. This machine tool comes with a warranty, local service, online and phone technical support.  We would not get this from any other used equipment. - Mike


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